Date: May 16th, 2023
Time: 7 to 8 pm
Where: Online

Friends of the Farm present a lecture by Master Gardens Josie Pazdzior and Adair Heuchan

Josie and Adair will build on the previous lectures to help you choose which trees, shrubs and perennials to plant and where.  They will explain why “keystone” native plants are the most  important for supporting pollinator insects, caterpillars, birds and  other wildlife. The choices you make will not only help nature to  heal and thrive but will also add beauty to your garden throughout  the year.

Master Gardener Josie Pazdzior has been involved in the Ottawa gardening community for over 20 years as a volunteer with Master Gardeners, the OVRGHS (Ottawa Valley Rock Garden &  Horticultural Society), the Ottawa Horticultural  Society, and Canadensis. After retiring from  teaching high school and running a B&B, she is coaching new gardeners while designing and installing their gardens. Josie’s special interest is in creating biodiverse gardens that include native plants, alpines, woody plants, and  annuals in a beautiful and functional outdoor space.

Wherever Master Gardener Adair Heuchan has lived around the world during her diplomatic career, she has tried to garden in vastly different climatic regions. After retiring and joining the Master Gardeners of Ottawa-Carleton, she has become increasingly interested in what constitutes “native” plants in our Ecoregion. And now, her passion is to take this a step farther and promote “keystone” plant varieties, those which make the greatest  impact in terms of sustaining and enhancing insect, bird and animal life.