Residential gardening in the City of Ottawa’s right of way

Written on: April 4th, 2024

by Lynne Patenaude, with input from WPP members and City staff You can now plant right up to the curb in front of your house! In 2023 the City of Ottawa’s Use and ...


Pollinator gardens are more important than we may realize!

Written on: August 4th, 2022

by Renate Sander-Regier Pollinator gardens play important roles in the lives of pollinators, as well as songbirds, and many more species of insects. A recent CBC ...


Building local native seed markets

Written on: March 6th, 2020

by Jennifer Line Note: this is an excerpt from a longer blog post by Jennifer Line on the Canadian Wildlife Federation web site. Please also read the full version ...


The real dirt on bees, honey, and hype

Written on: February 17th, 2020

by Sandy Garland; photos from, used with permission Not a week goes by without another bee hive installed by an organization or person who thinks ...


Students meet pollinators II

Written on: June 19th, 2019

by Luca Fiorindi, photos by Edgar Rene Hernandez and Renate Sander-Regier High school students in this year’s mini-course, “What’s the buzz? Making ...


Pollinator Appreciation Day in Ottawa

Written on: June 10th, 2019

by Renate Sander-Regier and Sandy Garland, photos by Amy MacPherson Mayor Jim Watson proclaimed June 7 as Pollinator Appreciation Day 2019 at the Mayor’s Rural Expo ...