Date: February 26th, 2020
Time: Noon
Where: Online

This winter the Ottawa Chapter of Faith and the Common Good is offering a free garden webinar series for local faith communities to learn about how to support the birds, bees and other wildlife on your property. Native birds and bees benefit from simple and easy changes that we can make to our gardens. Providing more “habitat” supports these important species that help strengthen the resiliency of our local ecological systems and also provide many personal benefits to us including mental health and spiritual joy.

The CWF program highlights the key “ingredients” to a successful and beautiful garden that will support local wildlife.  “Every wildlife-friendly garden is a haven that can act as a stepping stone between larger areas of natural habitat… The best part is it can be as simple as you like and suited to any lifestyle, budget or space.”  (From CWF website)  This is one of four webinars that is part of the Ottawa Interfaith Sustainable Garden Network 2020 Winter Program series.  MORE DETAILS