Date: April 4th, 2023
Time: 7 to 8 pm
Where: Online

Friends of the Farm present lecture by Master Gardener Rebecca Last

Homeowners need to consider numerous details before embarking on a garden renovation. Rebecca will discuss the key questions and the three pillars of garden design. She will also talk about “getting grounded,” assessing your space, determining what stays and what goes, sketching it out, scoping the work, DIY versus hiring professionals, and conclude with some brief notes on budgeting.

Master Gardener Rebecca Last has been gardening on and off since age 8. She has been a member of Master Gardeners of Ottawa-Carleton since 2005 and is currently the Coordinator. She has received many awards from the Ontario horticulture community. Rebecca’s small suburban garden is certified by the Canadian Wildlife Federation as wildlife habitat and its design includes elements of permaculture. She grows over a dozen varieties of heritage tomatoes each year.