Date: July 28th, 2023
Time: Your choice
Where: Your choice

July 28 to August 6, 2023

The International Monarch Monitoring Blitz is an annual event devoted to research for the preservation of the Monarch. Monarch lovers, throughout North America, are called on to join efforts during this week. The goal? Capture the current state of Monarch breeding habitat in Canada.

Participation is simple! Just complete one or more missions between July 28 and August 6, and tell us what you saw. To do so, create an account and then share your observations online. And feel free to share your observations with the Mission Monarch community on social media with #MonarchBlitz!

More details to come!

If you wish to learn more about the 2023 International Monarch Monitoring Blitz, visit the Commission for Environmental Cooperation Blitz website.

For more information, contact us!