Date: April 10th, 2024
Time: 7 p.m.
Where: Online

The Canadian Wildlife Federation presents

A free webinar “Sketching in Nature,” a creative activity that can enrich your understanding of the natural world. Our guest speaker, Alan Li, is both a brilliant artist and a down-to-earth teacher who will share practical advice on sketching outdoors including which art supplies work best in the field. He will also give you a peek inside his sketchbooks and provide tips on how to make expressive sketches of your subjects, whether it’s a perching bird or fallen leaf, without sacrificing accuracy or realism. Sketching is for all ages and all abilities. You do not require an art degree nor do you need to feel intimidated. The best place to begin your sketching adventures is close to home; your local park, a nearby creek or woodlands are wonderful places to explore. We hope you can join us!



Artist and conservationist, Alan Li, uses pencils, ink and paint to document the wonders of the natural world. Alan’s mission is to build connections to nature through arts-based education. Since 2015, he has been partnering with non-profit environmental organizations to teach nature focused art programs and workshops.

Alan was responsible for the successful launch of the Bateman Foundation’s Nature Sketch program in Toronto, teaching all the art lessons during its inaugural year. While the Bateman Foundation closed its doors in 2023, the NatureSketch program will live as one of the Canadian Wildlife Federation’s newly acquired nature-based education programs.

In 2019, Alan was also a speaker at the annual Ravine Symposium at the Toronto Botanical Garden and continues to teach a variety of classes in the Toronto area.