Date: July 20th, 2024
Time: 10 a.m. to noon
Where: 350 Michael Cowpland Drive, Kanata

Maintaining a garden at an NGO focused on wildlife

The Canadian Wildlife Federation’s garden, which encircles its head office with numerous beds and some remaining woodland, is home to a myriad of birds, insects, amphibians, and mammals. The beds have themes based on the animals they support (Bird Bed, Pollinator Bed) or its conditions (Bog Bed, Drought Bed). Throughout, the garden showcases habitat elements that our local and migratory wildlife need – food, water, shelter – and earth-friendly gardening methods, including beneficial practices such as the removal of invasive species and featuring many of Canada’s native plants which are critical to countless species of birds and pollinators.

The gardens were created in 2001 and have undergone many changes, including shrubs growing to full size. One challenge has been needing to hire a new gardener each summer who is usually unfamiliar with the beds and, at times, relatively new to gardening, let alone wildlife-friendly gardening! It is also a very large area for one person to care for. We have a variety of invasive species to deal with and some years had little or no budget to work with. COVID created challenges, drastically reducing on site work, and our Pollinator Bed became a jungle. We now have a regular gardener who is a horticultural technician with an interest in wildlife-friendly gardening. She has managed to tame the gardens back to a manageable state and is working with staff to develop the garden in new ways.

Visitors are welcome and there is signage throughout the garden. Visit for more information on it and our other wildlife-friendly gardening resources.

Free, but registration required.

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