Date: July 6th, 2024
Time: 10 a.m. to noon
Where: Abbeydale Crescent (see map)

Planting a Pollinator Pathway – creating a biodiverse landscape one step at a time

The OSC’s Kanata North Regeneration Stewards are slowly transforming sections of noxious weeds and invasive plant species into wonderfully rich mini-meadows, filled with colourful native wildflowers for bees, butterflies, and people to enjoy in the Morgan’s Grant hydro right-of-way. A small (but expanding) friendship garden now sits at the entrance to the Kanata North Community Garden just north of Klondike Rd. The new much larger Kanata North Pollinator Patch demonstration garden is in progress just south of Klondike at Abbeydale Circle.

The KNRegens vision is to create vibrantly thriving native wildflower and meadow habitat to benefit pollinating species, while improving health and quality of life for people. They are now part of the Ottawa Stewardship Council. A previous attempt to plant in the hydro corridor had limited success, but the volunteers are trying a different strategy, taking on one area at a time.

Bob McFetridge, a member of the Ottawa Stewardship Council, will be on hand to talk about OSC’s role in this project. Dr. Jessica Forest, a professor and bee researcher at the University of Ottawa, will be available to identify pollinators and tell us a bit about their life cycles and needs.

Free, but registration required. Link to follow.

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